Hot Minute - Hell Is Empty

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Following up their fired up debut, Manchester’s all female trio Hot Minute have shared Hell Is Empty, Keely, Courtney and Bella’s take on regaining the power they are owed in a heavily male influenced industry.

Undoubtedly a treat for fans of Pale Waves and Nasty Cherry, Hell Is Empty is further proof that the Hot Minute girls are more than capable of making big impact. Combining the girls’ varied influences from 80s pop to modern day indie pop, Magic’s follow up is soaked in dark, endearing attitude and swirling synth, both backed by an addictive electronic beat.

Any concerns that these girls could be another just another indie pop band are killed within thirty seconds of Hell Is Empty, leaving only the impression that Hot Minute are more than capable of becoming Manchester’s most important newcomers.

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