Geowulf talk progression, intimacy and new album 'My Resignation'

Marking a growth in both their maturity and songwriting ability, childhood friends Star Kendrick and Toma Benjamin, aka Geowulf have followed up their 2018 debut Great Big Blue with a brutal exploration of the loneliness and heartbreak tackled as a twenty-something in the form of their second LP, My Resignation.

Following the album’s release, we caught up with Star to learn more about My Resignation, and find out what can be expected from the duo’s upcoming headline tour.

Tell us a bit about My Resignation, how has your sound progressed since you released Great Big Blue?

I suppose My Resignation felt a lot more intentional. Great Big Blue was obviously the very beginning of our careers in music and also for me i didn’t even know I could write music before that album. My Resignation was also recorded in Australia over a month, so we were able to vibe each day with the songs and choose which and what we wanted to record. GBB we recorded in different studios at different times because I had a lot of trouble with visas etc. I think maybe our sound is just a little more raw and exposed. We simplified things a lot too. Kept the parts we like and needed and let the others go.

You’ve explored some slightly more intimate themes with this album, right? Did you find it difficult to be so vulnerable with your songwriting, or was it a freeing experience?

At the time it was definitely liberating and didn’t think twice about it. When the songs start going public you sorta listen through different ears and go ”wow ok so everyone knows this about me”. But I don’t think you can really do it any other way. I feel a responsibility to share my truth as an artist I suppose.

The themes of your lyrics throughout My Resignation are quite a strong contrast to the warm, upbeat sound you’ve become known for - is that something you aim for with your songwriting or just a natural occurrence?

Yeah we’ve always loved that contrast. A feel good song that’s lyrics are quite moody. Makes me think of “Teardrops” by Womack and Womack and “Dancing on my own” by Robyn. There’s something pretty special about that contradiction.

You’re also taking the album on the road next month, what’s to be expected from these upcoming shows? How do the new tracks work with your live show?

Well I think this album we wrote it around what we liked playing live too. So it’s been really nice playing these new songs. It’s not until you get out on the road do the songs start to really come alive and feel like real songs.

Speaking of your live show, is there a particular city or venue you’re really looking forward to?

Really looking forward to playing Seattle, Chicago. Mainly cause I’ve never been there. There’s talks about Australia soon too and that would finally feel like the missing link. Haven’t played on home turf yet.

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