Only Sun - I Can't Stand It

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Having spent the entirety of 2018 releasing a single every month, you’d have been forgiven for thinking that High Wycombe’s Only Sun would have wanted to take something of a break this year. The reality probably couldn’t be further this, the five-piece and their improbably infectious sound have refused to relent, and have spent the year touring around the UK and releasing even more impossibly infectious new singles.

The latest offering is new single I Can’t Stand It, a dizzyingly catchy slice of colourful indie pop sure to paint its way into your head in no time, not that you’d expect anything else from Only Sun. Endearing as it is infectious, I Can’t Stand It is a light-hearted look into the long-suffering love interests of the boys as they acknowledge the nightmares that they can be in their own tongue-in-cheek way.

The track slots into their stellar back catalogue seamlessly and is further proof of the immense upside that the outfit possess. The indie scene is as cluttered as it has ever been right now, but we’d be hard pressed to find anyone that crafts huge feel-good tunes so consistently.

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