The Amazons / Demob Happy / The Mysterines - Manchester Academy

The Amazons welcomed an eclectic crowd to Manchester Academy on Friday night, on the first sold out night of their Future Dust tour. Opened up by The Mysterines and Demob Happy, the crowd were humming with anticipation for a night of heavy riffs and heavy beats before the headline even emerged.

A more perfect pair of acts could not been curated for the support of the show. Opened by The Mysterines and Demob Happy, Friday was a testament to the importance of emerging acts emulating a rock sound that had been lost in recent years. The Mysterines blessed us early birds with an enticing combination of heavy riffs and angsty 90s style female vocalisation with a refreshingly modern twist. No trouble was found in instantly being absorbed by this band, with immediate reaction at the front from Gasoline and Take Control, the Liverpool three piece definitely made an impression.

Next up were Newcastle three piece Demob Happy, greeted by an Academy that was swiftly filling up. An eclectic mix of psychedelia and grunge heavy riffs, Demob Happy well and truly warmed the crowd up, with a resounding response to Less Is More, released earlier this year, the band displayed the importance of genre bending to garner interest; which was perfectly encapsulated in closing number Be Your Man, a song which had the whole crowd singing and felt like a 60s bop dragged through a 90s time warp - in the most intriguing and excellent way possible.

“We’ve been waiting for this gig”, front man Matt Thomson announced to the crowd at the first sold out date of the Future Dust tour, and by the looks of it, so had the crowd. Opening with Fuzzy Tree from the new album, energy reverberated from the crowd from the outset. The whole set only went to prove that good old fashioned guitar based rock is only on the upswing, with the fervour on stage only being reflected in the crowd. Continuing into the set with their newer tunes, the Reading quartet had the crowd in the palms of their hands, cracking out Mother, Stay with Me and 25 in quick succession as the set built in momentum with each song they played.

The Amazons made sure that this was a gig to remember, going from the acclaimed 2017 single Ultraviolet with its upbeat and catchy lyricism, to the far more toned down Palace, for which bodies ascended to shoulders across the room and phone torches illuminating the packed out show. Through this set, not once did The Amazons lose the full attention of the crowd, striking the perfect balance between the upbeat and the understated.

Falling into a mash up of iconic covers before the encore, the band used these tunes to demonstrate beyond any doubt their musical talent and prowess, effortlessly splicing songs such as Morning Glory, Helter Skelter and 20th Century Boy. Not a soul was still for the entirety and even as the compilation finished, Manchester Academy was giddy for more.

Ending on the groundbreaking early single Black Magic, which only went to further prove why this tune was such a catalyst to their success, The Amazons have gone above and beyond in proving that they are here to stay, and are fast becoming a staple name in British rock as we know it today.

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