Little Comets / Heir - Gorilla, Manchester

Newcastle’s Little Comets brought us back to the glory days of jangly indie pop on Sunday night, and with support from Heir, Manchester’s Gorilla was set for a night of upbeat pop bangers.

The crowd was warmed up by high energy Leeds five piece, Heir. With catchy tunes and a constant boogy occurring on stage, Heir were successful in siphoning their enthusiasm into the crowd with their no nonsense indie pop. Getting feet across the venue tapping with songs such as I’ll Pick You Up and After Forever, the boys are reminiscent of a genre that had previously been lost to the early 2010s, and is ready for its welcome return.

This made them a perfect support to Little Comets. Opening with 2012’s Worry, they have always had a firm handle on combining emotional lyrics with jangly, catchy melodies, making even the deepest song fit for a boogy. The crowd was full of die hard fans, with every soul singing back to the stage, even down to mimicking the guitar riffs and drum beats.

Continuing into the set with more songs from their first and second albums, Little Comets gave the crowd exactly what they had come down for, with M62, Darling Alistair, Joanna and Adultery gaining a huge reaction from the audience. While their newer songs - such as À Bientôt were just as well received, it was clear that the intimacy of Gorilla was the ideal choice, giving the band, and the fans a chance to feel the energy of being surrounded by others singing as hard as they were, something that doubtlessly would have been lost in a larger venue. Rounding up the show with oldie-but-goldies One Night in October and Dancing Song before latest single Three Minute Faltz, Gorilla erupted in dancing, leaving the audience on a high as they departed the stage.

The show was not so much a showcase of their new tunes, rather a full roster of how long they have been going, creating a helpless sense of nostalgia amongst an audience that had clearly grown up with this music. With poignant builds and infectious keys and riffs, Little Comets proved the on-going appeal of their “kitchen-sink indie” tunes, creating a sense of reminiscence that meant their return to touring has been more than welcome.

Photography by Izzy Williams

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