Trunky Juno - It's A Trip

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Dripping with charm, Trunky Juno’s latest offering, It’s a Trip opens with reverb smothered guitar and 80s-esque drumming before a clumsy lamentation of time, growing older and the unexpected nature of uncertainty. It’s obvious that Trunky Juno resides where anyone in their early 20s find themselves, unsure where to turn and what to consider next.

A soft pre-chorus masks the explosion of sound that is to come, as a medley of urgent, psychedelic sounds underly a very nonchalant vocal delivery, reminiscent of Lou Reed’s Transformer. Trunky Juno drones his way infectiously through mundane occurrences for a young adult stuck in a rut, a topic which everyone relates to.

Slight psychedelia and a perfect cocktail of parts MGMT, Mini Mansions and a sprinkling of The Wombats, make Trunky Juno’s new tune a favourite for any indie-pop fan.

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