DECO / Ørmstons / Riscas - Cafe Totem, Sheffield

With Winter well and truly underway, Sheffield’s Café Totem hosted a sold-out night of indie-pop on Thursday, a classic way to inject some much-needed summer into a drab November evening. The venue was packed by a youthful crowd well before any musician entered the frame; a very promising sight for the Sheffield music scene.

The music dipped and the crowd erupted as Birmingham’s Riscas took to the stage. The four lads were filled to the brim with energy on stage, with beaming smiles on their faces as every lyric was screamed by the crowd. Their sound was a blend of The Cure and Viola Beach, which worked perfectly. Frontman, George, clearly loved performing with impromptu “ayes” on the beat of the snare, which was reflected by a crowd who worshipped the band. For an opening slot, the room was left electric, and the sweat on the wall marked a brilliant beginning to the evening.

The room was simmering as Ørmstons brought a welcome dose of distorted guitar and bass to the evening. The four-piece produced a wall of sound through Café Totem, mixing mid 2000s Indie with huge, charismatic vocals which offered a great contrast to the previous band. Frontwoman Jess Huxham didn’t stand still for the whole set, keeping all eyes on her as the band ripped through banger after banger. Latest single Love delved into true pop, reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club. The tune could sit comfortably in the charts but also perfectly suited an underground, intimate venue. The crowd took to Ørmstons like ducks to water, as the Leeds outfit teased an Abba cover before blasting a fantastic version of single Mexico City.

All eyes on the stage as indie-pop frontiers Deco held Café Totem in the palm of their hands. Tune, Roam displays why this band are selling out venues up and down the country, the whole crowd echoed every lyric with so much passion. The band frolicked their way through newest single Too Much TV with brilliant stage presence and engagement with the crowd. The single demonstrates that Deco are going to be huge in three minutes of easy-listening, summer-beach-party brilliantness. The set was reverberated by every crowd member, and it’s clear that the London group should replicate Bastille’s meteoric rise into cheeky pop. Although performing as a four-piece, Deco have a huge sound, utilising a backing track brilliantly to bring a very polished, high production live experience. The highlight of the set was unreleased number I Don’t Want To Go Home, demonstrating that the pop outfit are not settling for their already impressive sound.

The evening came to a close with frontman Max giving a charming, playful Freddy Mercury at Live Aid impression before Rain finished the set. The London band are sure to sky rocket to stardom in the coming year if Sheffield’s crowd was representative of the whole tour, don’t be surprised to see Deco feature heavily in the summer, bringing their joyous, easy pop to ear drums across the globe.

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