Pizzagirl - YES, Manchester

Debuting the addictive material from his debut album first timer, Liverpool’s Pizzagirl filled out YES’ basement on a chilly Manchester evening for a short yet sweet, charismatic display of his 80s inspired, eclectic synth pop.

Kicking off proceedings with album opener ball’s gonna keep on rollin’, Liam wasted no time in putting across his exuberant, comedic Scouse charm. Those who’ve had the pleasure of his earlier shows are familiar with his sarcasm and self deprecating humour, but are likely yet to have experienced the full band Pizzagirl show.

The addition of bassists Leon Barnard and drummer Gui Trionfo is new to this run of dates, adding to the high energy fun of Liam’s stage show. The three bounced off each other both during the high energy grooves of body biology and dennis, and early, atmospheric DIY pop tracks Carseat and High School; so well they’d easily be mistaken for having played together for years.

Taking a brief moment mid set to chug a beer, and improvise a thirty second or so song spontaneously named beer and bass, which needless to say had all in attendance giggling, it’s clear to see that Liam is made to be on stage. Not only capable of combining the high tempo, infectious indie pop of his recently released album with the melancholic, one-man-band feel of his earlier DIY pop EP An Extended Play, but maintain genuine charisma and comfort with what is a truly intimate and no doubt intimidating crowd.

Ending a set which could easily have continued for another half an hour at least with the stupidly addictive “na na na” hook of 2018’s Coffee Shop and 80s nostalgia of the dreamy Seabirds, Pizzagirl filled YES’ basement with a feel-good atmosphere you’d struggle to find at most of shows of the same level; combining comedy and silliness with a genuine talent for both songwriting and performing to pull off a truly impressive show.

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