Abandon Ship! - Say The Word

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Coming out of the woodwork with catchy riffs and pop-punk style vocals, Say The Word has been a year in the making for Basingstoke four piece Abandon Ship!, and they were worth the wait.

With relatable lyrics that will ring true to their target audience, this band tackle the complexities of your early twenties, juggling work, ambition and the overriding desire to have a good time while you can. With the overriding message being curing that ‘cabin fever’ a taking it too far, they have been successful in creating a track that is the perfect backdrop to manifesting these distractions. With clear influence from The 1975 in terms of the tempo of their speedy lyricism, they have curated their own sound on this record, combining a range of different genres to hit the nail on the head with what makes a good pop tune in this decade.

Upbeat and memorable, Abandon Ship! have made their mark with the first track to come from their Wrong Again EP set for release in February.

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