Abbie Ozard marks her musical evolution with 'Grown'

Credit: Charlotte Rudd

Manchester's Abbie Ozard has been a name to watch for many, and as she heads into 2022 with a brand new label – boutique Londoners House Anxiety, home to Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Genesis Owuso and Carpetgarden, it seems her time has finally come.

Shifting away from her vibrant bedroom-pop background, she bursts into transportive melancholy with the new cut 'Grown'. It's an evolution on all fronts, and a testament to Ozard's years of hard work. “I wrote ‘Grown’ back in 2017, 4 years ago, when I was coming out of a rough patch, and it helped me see the light and accept that things change, people change - they grow, leave your life and meet new people, and that’s totally ok." she tells."

I used to, and probably still do, have a hard time accepting that people come in and out of your life. I couldn’t comprehend that a person can be your best friend for years, and then suddenly become a total stranger - I found it really hard to get my head around.

I hope it helps other people like it helped me, and I hope it helps you remember that you haven’t met half the people you’re going to love in your lifetime yet, because that to me is pretty cool and comforting.

It’s the most important song that I've ever written to me, and will likely stay with me forever.”