• Jay Landman

Abnorm Share New Track 'Everything Temporary'

Abnorm, an alternative-rock quintet from Newcastle upon Tyne led by powerhouse vocalist Abbie Rose, release their second single, ‘Everything Temporary’– a grunge-infused song that oozes with grit and character.

This new release faces the challenge of following on from the success of Abnorm’s debut single, ‘Citrus’, which introduced the band to the world in style by winning the James Whitworth Prize from the University of Surrey for 'best composition and outstanding engineering'. Despite setting such a high bar, the band have outdone themselves: ‘Everything Temporary’ is utterly incredible.

Opening with a winning combination of pounding bass and Abbie’s iconically edgy vocals, we’re lured into a false sense of security that is then blown away by the chorus which, coming in at just thirty-four seconds, exemplifies the music adage of ‘don’t bore us, get to the chorus’. It’s from here that the vocals really begin to come to life, and we love it. The raw power, tone and range is similar to that of GK from Venus which, considering their recent success, may bode well for Abnorm too with their own Tyneside sound and style. One thing is for certain though, Abnorm are a band to put your money on as ones to be watching: a listen to ‘Everything Temporary’ will quickly show you why.

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