About Bunny Share Angsty New Track 'Keep It To Yourself'

‘Keep It To Yourself’ is the newest angsty release from the stellar About Bunny. The release has been accompanied with a graphically bold and dashing music video.

About Bunny have a remarkable abundance of talent for creating vivacious and catchy tunes and ‘Keep It To Yourself’ definitely does not disappoint. The guitar is heavy and energetic, this paired with Jemma’s powerful vocals and the striking bass and guitar creates a a force to be reckoned with.

The lyricism is profound and whole hearted, with a deep-heated passion voiced in every lyric. Much like with their previous release titled ‘Special’, the feeling of entrenched female empowerment is ingrained.

If you need a furious song to sing-a-long to ‘Keep It To Yourself’ is exactly what you need. Play this full-blast on your speaker and there is no doubt that you will feel so much better after.

About Bunny are irrefutably going to make it big in 2021, their pure spirit and ardor with propel them to new heights.