About Bunny - Special

Newbies on the scene, About Bunny, are your new confidence-boosting rocker best friends. From the first listen, they’re pretty damn badass.

Special is the debut single from the vivacious four-piece, a release that is deeply enraged and impassioned. Hailing from right across the UK and forming relatively recently, the band have managed to seamlessly sound like long-time virtuosos. There is deep-heated musical chemistry between them.

About Bunny have openly admitted that they take inspiration from the likes of Blondie. Not only have they mastered the gritty-punk rock and female empowering sound, they have excelled in gaining the no-fucks-given attitude. Play Special full blast in your headphones while walking down the street and find yourself fearless.

About Bunny are going to smash 2021. Their raw talent and passionate work combine to make a band that shouldn’t be messed with.