Alice Simmons - Bridges

Hailing from York, serene singer-songwriter Alice Simmons has released her third single, Bridges.

The starkly beautiful single embraces open vulnerability and recounts a tale through winding narratives of despair and susceptibility. It is grounded in evocative storytelling.

Although having only released her debut single in October of 2019. Alice Simmons graces an air of professionalism and artistic perfection that many dream of. Bridges is a single of sincere beauty with tranquil and earthy vocals set against a pastoral landscape of guitar and drums. Bridges has been created to be a subtle masterpiece, it is as fragmented and beautiful as stained glass.

The opening of the song is understated and sophisticated-displaying simply Alice’s voice with some delicate guitar, but Bridges then develops into the choruses which evoke power and passion.

Although being much newer to the scene, Alice Simmons displays a raw passion that is undeniable, and with undoubtedly much more music to come, she is worth following as an artist.