Alien Tango - Heavenly

Do you remember Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, the nightmarish puppet show masquerading as a kids Youtube video? Can you imagine if they made a freakishly good getting-down disco anthem? Do you need a new karaoke ballad?

Alien Tango is for you! Like no one knows where ET is hiding, it’s impossible to pinpoint where Heavenly resides. Alien Tango (earthly name Alberto García) embraces the gentle guitar that compliments his España lilt, until he loses the, uh, elegance of a soft start and embraces his lack of ability to hit glam rock high notes. Ironically, past the initial ‘ode to the talentless’, García reveals his masterfully sexy, throaty actual singing voice. But that’s like, the symbol of cool, right? The one’s that have it don’t care about proving they’ve got it?

A little pocket of maybe not sunshine but dazzling lights, Heaven is an intersection of eight bit, feel good, disco glam, and also sounds like a cat sitting across a keyboard. This is disco that encourages Dad dancing. There’s definitely a xylophone in there. In another world, Heaven might play at a Butlins disco.