Another Sky: "We were never going to decide on one sound"

There is no doubt that Another Sky have graced the music scene with a copious amount of positive energy and incandescent music since their debut single Forget Yourself in 2018. Defining their music themselves as “Anthemic, cathartic and angry”, a fitting description of what to expect.

Following the recent release of their debut album, I Slept On The Floor, lead vocalist Catrin and guitarist Jack talked us through the inspiration behind their euphoric sound.

The radiant four-piece have recently released their debut album, filled to the brim with authentic and forthright music which is adorned with an air of beauty and delicacy. Both Catrin and Jack agreeing that the inspiration behind I Slept On The Floor was simply the nature of life. “I think, as cheesy as it sounds, we were inspired by life because it is our debut album that spans over six years. The six years of us being together as a band. So all we are trying to do is sort of document life and use whatever genre or style of music that felt appropriate for the song at that time. There is a lot of influences on this album because we are all very different people. So we were never going to decide on one sound.” Openly explains Catherine, with others hearing a tint of inspiration from the ’80s, the album itself is undoubtedly a creative merge of different inspirations.

Known as a band to candidly and flagrantly discuss powerful and meaningful topics, their debut album is no exception. Combining serious lyricism with charming melodies in the epitome of Another Sky. “It is something that comes naturally in songwriting and I’ve sort to had to navigate the best way or working it and talking about it as it is obviously so personal. There are all these women coming together and talking about these taboo subjects, and men as well! Everything feels less off-limits now to discuss and therapy is becoming a big thing for everyone and I think that is really powerful. I think it is just life, the part of life that probably consumes us the most but we talk about it the least because it just has not been socially acceptable and it is difficult to talk about.” Admits Catrin; making Another Sky doubtlessly a group that agrees that discussion and communication has great power, even when the topics are much tougher.

With relation to the idea that Another Sky are wanting to break the stigmas of taboo conversations, both Katrin and Jack also divulge in the idea of breaking the barrier between artist and audience. Admittedly, the bands favourite part of touring is their ability to connect with their fans. “It’s pretty classic that we say that but we’ve had so many amazing stories from fans of the band that really connected to the music. So anytime we meet anyone and they come up to us and talk about how they found out about the band and how much they love it or whatever. That is always amazing. And then people singing along to the songs. I know it is such a basic one but meeting the fans and them showing that they actually really care, it just makes the whole thing worth it because you can get caught up in how many likes your posts get on Instagram and all that rubbish. The realness is amazing and you only get that when you go out and play.” Conveys Jack.

Jack then adds that the one message they wish to give to their fans is that “If you want to talk to us about something, do it! I think some people - I know I do, get a bit freaked about talking to someone whose music you really like. It is the best bit for us and if there is something that fans want to talk about. Even if it is really deep, then just talk to us.”

Being a band constructed of two females and two males, Another Sky have undeniably encountered the difficulty of performing as a gender-mixed group. “When we first started releasing music as Another Sky, we didn’t show any pictures of ourselves and people thought that I was a male vocalist. The difference between that and when we started showing our faces was crazy. Just things said like ‘oh, female-fronted bands, I’m out.’” Discusses Catrin.

Catrin then follows with her thoughts on the more male-dominated festival lineups, which are currently issues aiming to be tackled. "Festival line-ups, for god's sake! When they said there aren’t enough female fronted bands or women in bands, I remember we just did this tweet where I listed all my favourite bands with women in and that really highlighted it for me. I was just like you’re just not putting people on the lineup. It is also an audience-driven thing because there are people who will not listen to female vocalists. I call bullshit on it because you just don’t like women! "

Another Sky are truly your cool band best friends, with hard-hitting lyrics, powerful melodies and an aura of openness and camaraderie, what is there not to like?

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