• Jay Landman

Artio Release New Single 'Billionaire Nightmare'

Leeds-based trio, Artio, release ‘Billionaire Nightmare’ – a song that makes a bold, but necessary, statement both musically and politically: taking aim at a system that is being proved to be increasingly flawed daily. The confidence that the band exude sets them apart as they deliver each syllable of every lyric with passion; the self-belief in their message evident.

Artio eloquently explore the song’s themes in their own words: “it’s about using your uniqueness to derail a system that was designed to defeat you. It’s about being different, whether that means bending the rules of gender, fashion, beauty, masculinity, femininity, or sexuality. It’s about not fitting in, not feeding the men at the top who profit from insecurities, inequality, racism and cruelty. You don’t have to shapeshift to fit in anymore, because that’s what they want you to do. So be your own master, become their worst nightmare”.

Musically, Hol’s voice is sublime from start to finish; her angelic vocals contrasting with the intensity of the lyrical subject matter. The sheer power of the drums and bass is fully realised with each explosive chorus, as both go into overdrive, delivering a sonic punch that embodies the song’s musical statement. In a live setting, this song will go down phenomenally well.

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