Attawalpa smoulders on the self-exposing 'Yellow Fingers'

Credit: Eva Pentel

Hot on the heels of the self-examining 'Please Take Care', rising Londoner Attawalpa has unleashed a smouldering slice of psych-rock, 'Yellow Fingers'.

Taken from his forthcoming EP, 'Patterns' – 'Yellow Fingers' finds Attawalpa reflecting upon the time he rescued himself from the brink, exposing how quickly casual substance abuse can spiral into something dark and out of your own control.

Musically, the track stands as a confirmation of Luis's ever-growing talents. Swirling around the ears in an enticing blend of dark grooves and squealing guitars; its sonic palette is as dark as its lyrical subject matter but oozes with effortless cool and the sense that Attawalpa is capable of so much more than we've previously heard.

Speaking on the track, he explains: "I started writing this song in a late night druggy jam at a gross, now perished studio I used to work at in east London. The lyrics can’t really be distinguished from the moment. I started free styling about ‘yellow fingers’ cos I'd been thinking about that weird cartoon ‘Salad Fingers’ - that character seemed to me like a bit of a mess head himself. Let’s just say I had been awake for too long."

"Fast forward some years later and I was clearer, way more sober, finally conscious and digging out these old demos. Yellow Fingers was a fun one to write (or rewrite) because I had the clarity of time on my side. Patience is a virtue. Rather than write an anti-drug / anti-fun song, I wanted to show that although getting out of your head can feel so alive and sexy while it’s happening, eventually so can self control."