BabyJake - Confidant

BabyJake’s signature brand of Miami cloud rap oozes an antithetical lazy cool and screw you attitude. It’s his personal style too, that brand of Daddy cool with all the ugly sweaters and suit trousers mingling with a skateboard on his back. Confidant, his newest track, continues to let him play the lame up to his success.

BabyJake’s got confidence in how damn good his stuff is, but he’s a rapper, so that’s half of his personality (he’s also not wrong but that’s beside the point). The hazy production on Confidant is more developed than his first single, and even though it’s undeniably ‘pop-rap’ it feels like an insult to give it such a simple genre. A hint of lo-fi does wonders to bump his retro-lame chic. Simply put, these are easy beats for a good natured jam. The song is, in his own words, a middle finger to ‘every cheating ass hoe’ out there – but BabyJake’s clearly doing better on his own.

Melding singer-songwriter with rap and coming out with something better than Ed Sheeran was never going to be hard. But if BabyJake is the new bar it’s gonna take a big jump to knock him off the top of this game.