Banji - Listen

Bursting out of the Netherlands and hooking themselves firmly into the memories of their new found listeners, indie-pop quartet Banji have shared their frantic new single Listen.

Listen hits like a sugar-rush, bombarding the ears at all angles with 8-bit bleeps and infectious energy, think Bad Sounds meets Declan McKenna. It’s bright, bubbly, and effortlessly uplifting; but most importantly leaves a true lasting impression from the very first listen.

The band explain: “The instrumental to this track felt very lively and energetic. There are a lot of little elements hidden in the music, almost as if they're constantly trying to talk through each other. I took that concept and pictured a couple sitting at a dinner table. 'Listen' ended up being a song about favouring child-like stubbornness over maturity. The inability to filter thoughts, and instead, trying to talk your way out. It's basically me saying to myself 'things would be a lot easier if you just listened’.