Barley Passable - Step Inside

Aussie duo Barley Passable have unveiled their latest single, Step Inside; playing on retro funk and disco influences before ending up in a thoroughly nostalgic yet modern take on the electro-pop genre.

The track is all about learning from your experiences, negative ones included. As they explain: “Revisiting old memories of young love, the song reflects on how perspective can shape how you come out of any situation. Telling a story of how being caught up in the moment of a relationship that turns sour can become so consuming that you lose all perspective. It is only with time that you can truly let go, move forward and hope to learn that where you are now is better off because of your past experiences.”

The influence the pair have garnered from the European dance genre is clearly evident in the chanting style of the catchy lyrics. Encompassing so many different brackets of dance music, they pay homage to Nile Rodgers with funk fuelled riffs, something bound to get even the most reluctant foot tapping.