Barnaby Keen Drops Debut Single 'Lay Our Cards'

Barnaby Keen has been prolific in London’s underground music scene for years, but up until now he’s always skimmed the edges of the spotlight. His first solo venture sees him ready to step into the sun, the debut single ‘Lay Our Cards’ bringing a breezy, Springtime feel to his eclectic back catalogue of collaborations.

With its leisurely pacing and Keen’s sedate, boy-next-door vocals, the track embodies the hazy light of summer evenings. It’s the perfect soundtrack as you wonder whether to extend your day into the night. The accompanying video is a treasure chest of stock footage, nostalgic for another time, edited and caught in loops that play and play. Instead of jarring, the effect is calming, despite its slight oddities. In the track too, there’s a matching underhand manipulation of the droopy charm of slacker indie pop Keen purports to belong to. There’s something a bit different hiding in the synaesthetic lining to his silky, woozy song writing. Barnaby Keen is one to keep an eye on.