Bay Faction - Swan Dive

US trio Bay Faction have released their latest single Swan Dive; 2 minutes and 15 seconds of unrestrained bliss fuelled by rhythmic percussion that drives the song into your memory to he degree that you’ll be tapping your foot from start to finish.

You’ll see what we mean when you press play. One is instantly posed the question “do I ever really wanna to wake up?” Which, no doubt all can relate to. The song continues to draw the listener in, leading to lyrical highlights, “I hate always talking about money // but you’ve gotta have enough to keep it running // had a feeling God might be here watching” this is then paired with “never shake a hand without conviction // personality is fake and unconvincing”.

Ultimately, this is a great song by a fast-rising band. As it stands, the trio have already supported the likes of Japanese Breakfast, Beach Bunny and Saltwater Sun and caught the attention of The FADRER and High Snobiety – both tipping Bay Faction as ones to watch.