Big Society - Feel

After carving out a niche in the local indiesphere over the last couple of years with their grinding riffs and tales of lads-nights-out gone wrong, Big Society have returned with their new single Feel; proving that there are more strings to their bow than first appeared.

While earlier singles 17 and Marine Club Party highlighted a knack for britpop-style melodies and mix of acoustic & electric sounds, Feel gives the impression the band has been digging into their dad’s record collection for something a little different.

It’s evident in the reverb-heavy guitar lines that drift in and out, the falsetto tone the singer adopts, and the carefully crafted production. It’s not surprising really that the single was produced by ex Vaccines drummer Pete Robertson; the whole package is reminiscent of their more 80s-indebted work.

Obviously, with elements like these, Feel wins no awards for originality. The driving pace and tales of awkward teenage romance come straight from the Cars’ playbook, and these guys better hope Rick Springfield never hears that intro, otherwise his lawyers will be digging out the copyright for “Jessie’s Girl”. But overall, it’s a great single with insanely catchy melodies that’ll be in your head for days, showing there are more avenues for this young band to travel down and see what they find.