Blackaby Announces New EP 'Everything's Delicious'

Hot on the heels of the release of his exceptional debut EP 'What's On The TV?' in late 2020, London's Blackaby has confirmed details of the 'Everything's Delicious' EP - due 16th April via Hand In Hive.

Certainly a name to have an eye on, William has also released new cut 'Warm And Sweet' today, a warm and comforting little glimpse into 'Everything's Delicious' featuring a joyful solo from Gengahr's John Victor.

Blackaby says of Warm And Sweet: "The lyrics came about quite subconsciously with no purpose in mind. Maybe it’s about not knowing what path to take in life. It might be about food obsession and it might just be about slowly losing your hair. It could be about wanting to do it all ‘right’ and thinking about that too much. It might be about our obsession with youth and it’s probably just about watching daytime TV”.