Bliss Williams - Thought I Was Young

If you’re on the lookout for that new track to add to your summer nights playlist then look no further than the debut single by promising new artist Bliss Williams. Conjuring up a sentimental longing for your teenage summers, Thought I Was Young is the perfect song for a year where we are all longing for the season we have missed out on.

Produced in Williams’ London flat, the track layers swirling, dreamy vocals above sweeping electric guitars, shuffling drums and pocket bass, blending these elements seamlessly whilst still letting them have their individual shining moments, such as the vocals in the final minute. The track is consistent throughout, not building up to anything bigger but also not needing to as Williams’ manages to take your hand and hold you in a moment of rose-tinted nostalgia for your youth the whole way through.

Ultimately, Thought I Was Young has taken bedroom pop and turned it into a blissful summer anthem for the indie-loving millennial and with Williams’ stating that he is loyal to no genre, we’re incredibly excited to see what his next move is.