Blossoms - Live from O2 Academy Brixton

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the lights going down at a gig and the background music fading as your favourite artist(s) make their way onto the stage. However, in a world where this is only a dream due to social distancing, the closest you can get to this is a live stream from the comfort of your own home.

Though the adrenaline rush of being just metres away from the stage and feeling the bass going through your body may not be present, the novelty of hearing tracks being played in real time is a thrill none-the-less and Blossoms are a band that will deliver in every format each time.

Starting off with Blown Rose, just Tom and his guitar, it was a far cry from the usual energetic number that would kick off the show however, that was soon changed when the rest of the band joined him for the upbeat The Keeper from their latest chart topping album Foolish Loving Spaces released earlier this year. The stage all decorated in beautiful homely décor such as lamps and carpet, it was a cosy set-up. So much so, that Tom himself ended up taking his shoes off as it “only felt right”.

This was followed up by Your Girlfriend, filled with the classic Ogden moves as the VR format of the app allows you to have a 360-degree view of the stage and follow the frontman. Whilst a great way to experience a gig in these circumstances, it didn’t make much difference to the vibe of the set itself and the flimsiness of the controls meant that many of times, you would miss key moments, but this was still a nice touch for those with actual VR sets I’m sure.

The nostalgic sound of Getaway soon filled the stage and you felt like you were being transported to a time when you’d sit on your mates shoulders, singing the lyrics to a stranger beside you. This rock infused ballad will simply never fail to get you to sing along, even if it is on your sofa with slippers on. The hour-long set included a lot of the old favourites as well as the new songs, such as the two new Christmas songs Christmas Eve and It’s Going to be a Cold Winter as well as songs from their third album. But it wouldn’t be a true encore without the inclusion of the punchy At Most a Kiss or the objectively popular Charlemagne that has always been the crowd favourite to close off a Blossoms set.

Whilst it was not the way we’re used to consuming live music, it was great to hear Blossoms in their element- on stage rocking out and being their goofy selves, conversing between songs and just having a laugh, and the first live gig back will no doubt be the same.

(Photo credit: Ewan Ogden)