BLOXX: "We’re always here to be relatable, we are here at your disposal"

Since recording their debut fresh single Your Boyfriend in 2016, BLOXX have been on an upward path to incredible success and fame. We spoke to Ophelia (or Fee) about their new, dazzling debut album, their upcoming tour and everything in-between.

Describing themselves as “gay, fun and indie”, the musical luminaries released their first album Lie Out Loud back in August. It is simply glorious and distinguished, a flowing journey filled with vulnerability and susceptibility. When asked about the inspiration behind the album itself, Fee voiced that the answer was clear and concise “Oh god, breakups and anger. I was pretty young when I wrote most of the tracks on there. I think I was a little bit naive to think that I could write a whole album about breakups but its good record I think!”

One of the most well received singles on the album is 5000 miles, a definite fan favourite. However, for Fee, her favourite single on the album is assuredly Coming Up Short. “it was one of the last ones I wrote just before I wrote 5000 miles and it just rings true to me. It’s what I like to write and it is my sound. It is the truest to me and it was at a period of time when I needed that song.”

As priorly mentioned, BLOXX's lyricism is often very open and crystal clear. “It kind of just naturally happens. I’m very tongue in cheek and I’m quite a cheeky person. I say things how I see them, I’m very forward. I think that is why my lyricism comes out that way; I do try and write metaphorically sometimes and sometimes it does work but most of the time I find it easier to just be true to your own feelings.”

Fee’s deep inspiration is whole-heartedly the great, late Jeff Buckley. “Jeff Buckley is my biggest inspiration in terms of writing, I loved him so much. I draw my inspiration from his guitar playing a lot. His lyricism is really cool, he is just all-round really great. He’s been one of my favourite artists for a long, long, long time. Rest in peace.” She tells, also adding that she would love to have had the ability to share the stage with the late Eddie Van Halen “I know for our guitarist, he is one of his biggest inspirations and he was just an all-round, really great guy. Insane guitarist and an incredibly talented man.” Not only does Fee have sincere respect for both Jeff and Van, but she also has incredible high regard for Jack Steadman ( Bombay Bicycle Club) saying “I think that Jack Steadman is a musical genius.”

BlOXX have announced a thrilling set of UK tour dates set for April 2021. For Fee, the audience makes the whole experience exciting and electrifying. “Just being on the road and being in a different city every night and seeing new fans every night is amazing. Watching people enjoy the shows, I think it’s so fulfilling for us to be able to see people enjoying something that we have written and put out. It is incredible because the energy is so wild, playing our songs to people who really enjoy them, watching them dance, watching them sing-a-long, that is really, really exciting.”

BLOXX are undoubtedly recognised as a cult name in the indie music scene with sold-out shows and millions of Spotify streams. Speaking on the fame, Fee remarked “It’s cool, we’ve got that name for ourselves. It can be a little bit daunting sometimes because you know you’ve got something to live up to and other bands that you hold yourselves up to. I think it is good not to compare and just do whatever you feel like you need to do with your own music. At the end of the day, it is an art form and it is an expressive art form. It is important to carry on and be in the spotlight of being an indie band, but also stay true to yourself.”

There is a definite conversation about the equality of festival line-up's this year. “I hate when it is not reflective of the great music scene, with music coming out from women and when the lineups aren’t reflecting that, when they’re just glorifying white men in bands. I think that bookers and agents, people who represent these festivals, need to be more open-minded about the fact that there is more to music- it is not just for white men. You know, we've experienced that. I think that festivals should try their hardest to make it more balanced, but the good thing is that they are under scrutiny now if they don’t. You know, the first Reading announcement was a little bit meh, and then they picked it back up with the second one. There are loads more women in it. I’m pretty sure that the stage that we are playing on so far, the only artists playing it are women so that is really cool.”

For Fee, there are so many great female artists that she would love to see headline. “I am a massive MUNA fan, obviously! Girl In Red as well, she is like a classic gay icon for women. I would go with HAIM, but then I feel like HAIM are the obvious answer and there are more women out there than just HAIM. At the moment I’m really enjoying Pixie as well. There are loads. Bands like Sports Team have a girl drummer. There are so many!”

BLOXX are known to be such down to earth individuals who really break the barrier between artist and audience. The one message that Fee would like to give to the groups' fans is “remember that we’re always here to be relatable, we are here at your disposal. Our music can be used to cry to, to dance to, to sing to and we will see you in April and we will have a really great time!”