Bri Unveils Debut Single 'Showertime'

Bri’s debut single ‘Showertime’ feels like the lights are low, and the confessions have begun. The young singer-songwriter’s latest track feels like it’s entangled in twilight, as she offers up a subtle, yet stunning track that stands out as a true emotional offering, and signals her as one on the scene to watch.

The track opens with an extended introduction, in which the artist's soulful voice flutters around booming synth basses, and light guitar riffs. The vocals feel effortlessly stunning, and immediately evokes a sense of intimacy that is soon delved into as we get to the track's emotional core. Bri talks directly to the listener, transfixing us in her emotional artistry, before ending the track with a final vocal riff, which acts a carthaisis. Overall, it’s a release that cements Bri as a newcomer worth watching, as she creates emotional pockets you can’t help but be sucked into.