Bristol's JUMBO Enlist Fenne Lily On AA Single 'Chump / Mute'

Having previously worked together on musical projects including SLONG, Milo’s Planes and as part of Fenne Lily’s touring band, Joe Sherrin and Kane Eagle; better known as Bristol alt-pop duo JUMBO have teamed up with Fenne Lily for the latest of their AA side releases, ‘Chump / Mute’.

Side by side, ‘Chump / Mute’ display the pair’s combined creativity. Managing to craft a flurry of gritty tones and bold horns into something rather freeing and blissful, the pair’s combination of folk and indie-pop elements make for joyful, wonky listening.

‘Chump’ is “about two sides of someone who is / pretending to be content in mediocrity but also tries to incite and motivate themselves. The song flickers between these two points of view as different characters only to find the end result is the same. It's repeated loads of times at the end to act as a mantra to themselves,” say JUMBO, while on ‘Mute’ the pair say they: “set ourselves a brief: A clown gets ready to do their last trick. Gets flustered. Breathes out but it never stops. He empties, becomes hollow and collapses. Crowd do a standing ovation not knowing he's just died.”