BYFYN - Ain't Gonna Be Lonely

Funky, upbeat and efficacious are the best three words to describe Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely, the newest single from the female powerhouse that is BYFYN.

Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely is candidly beautiful, it is repleted with a beautifully flowing melody that creates easy and soothing listening.

The lyrics are truly open and honest, with BYFYN herself telling that this release is her most “honest and personal song to date”. BYFYN’s voice echoes delicately over a synth-based refrain, relaying the message that feeling alone is normal. A message that is relatable and needed for many.

Ain’t Gonna Be Lonely Is the perfect reassuring indie-pop sing to pick you up on a bad day. There is no doubt that BYFYN’s music has the ability to alleviate and relieve a worrying mind.

BYFYN is a name to look out for in the next upcoming few months. Her talent as both a producer and singer is undeniable accompanied by a stunning set of releases makes her a strong female go-getter.