BYFYN - What's Stopping You?

What’s Stopping You? is the flurrying new single from Hertfordshire’s BYFYN (also known as Ellie Isherwood); and the last to be shared from her brand new EP, In Blue With You.

Split into two halves, the track is a testament to Ellie’s artistic talent. It begins with a transportive, atmospheric buzz of synths, lifting the listener out of their thoughts and into a blissful, carefree state which comes crashing down with a single scream; bursting into a joyous and colourful piece of alt-pop which is over all too soon.

Speaking on the track, Ellie details: “With this track I really wanted to capture the frustration of feeling like nothing is stopping you from achieving what you want apart from yourself and your anxiety! If you could just turn it off then nothing could get in your way... but it doesn't work like that.."