Café Spice - She Loves and Leaves

Aiming to head out into the vast world of indie-pop, Manchester based indie-folk trio Café Spice have unveiled their new single, She Loves and Leaves, the first release from new Liverpool based indie label, Snide Records.

“How can you understand what you want when you're twenty and so ready to love the world and everyone in it, so ready to lose yourself in somebody else? If you've ever been confused about love, nestle down and plug in your headphones - this song is for you.”

Boasting new drummer Sophie Wozencraft, the track is the band’s first as an ‘all girl band’, also marking a change in their sound. Despite the change in direction, She Loves and Leaves still echoes the band’s folk roots. Gentle harmonies and soft acoustic guitar make for a tender, melancholic track filled with warmth.

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