CARR delivers a sharp-tongued jab at modern dating on 'Loser'

Credit: CJ Harvey

LA-based Carly McCellan, better known as pop-newcomer CARR has dropped a sharp-tongued jab at the uncertainty of modern dating in the form of new single 'Loser'.

Boasting a performance Avril Lavigne would be proud of, the coming of age hit fuses equal parts pop-punk, indie-rock and Gen Z pop with Carly's pop star worthy persona and wit-fuelled, all too relatable lyricism.

Of the track, CARR says: "We made ‘Loser’ about those types of people you date that just really really suck. It’s kind of like a realization of how low you’ve stooped for them. I wanted to make a fun anthem about it, and something I wish I could’ve blasted in my car when I was getting over some horrible dudes. It was the most fun I’ve had in a session probably ever because we were just laughing the whole time, making jokes that we put in the song."