Cassia - Do Right

After a run of sold-out shows and the release of their debut album Replica back in 2019, Cassia have released their newest single Do Right.

Filled with groovy guitar hooks and a rosy, enlivening melody, this release unquestionably showcases the bands varied talents with its exploration into different strands of the typical indie genre. Although still undoubtedly a catchy piece of musical artistry, it is a step away from their much more 'sing-a-long indie hits'.

Do Right was written in Cape Town, which explains the obvious jovial undertones of the piece which reflects the landscapes and beauty of South Africa. The single itself, clean-cut and played to perfection which makes it a waterfall of sound and delicious for any listener. Assuredly Do Right is a tranquillising and buoyant song that is impeccable for playing on repeat while soaking up the summer sun. Cassia are undeniably a three-piece worth keeping your eyes out for.