Cassia - Drifting

Riding on the momentum of their previous acclaimed single, Do Right, Manchester-born trio Cassia unveil yet another slick slice of indie-pop, Drifting.

Teeming with melodic groove neatly matched with a simple yet effective plucky guitar riff, Drifting sees the trio really refiner their tropical-pop sound. This release feels like a step forward for the band, it’s slick, infectious and simultaneously laidback; perfect for these lazy sunny days we’ve been experiencing as of late.

Speaking on creating the track, Cassia add, “‘Drifting’ initially was written after I (Rob) watched the movie Interstellar last summer. We then started working it up together in March whilst we were all locked into our house. The dystopian storyline really grabbed me back then and it so happened that the lyrics suit what everyone is going through right now, which is really freaky. It’s a song about feeling like you’re drifting. Not having control over what’s happening, distance, daydreaming, growing up and learning for the better.”