Casual Threats Share Cathartic New Single 'DLR'

In their latest single, Newcastle’s Casual Threats have infused the indie, the pop and the punk to create just under three minutes of pure catharsis.

A tune made to be played live, their newest track, ‘DLR’, is fuelled by an immediately infectious drum line, paired with suitably angsty lyrics with a decidedly White Lies tone, this tune is reminiscent of so many different eras of indie rock, in a way that just… works.

This is the trio’s first release since 2018, and coming with the gathering tide of the post punk resurgence, they couldn’t have timed it better.

Having infused all the elements it takes to make a tune just pop, this band are only gathering momentum after their hiatus, and with the world starting to get back to some normality, they’re only going to be propelled further.