Catholic Action - Yr Old Dad

Glasgow glam rock golden boys Catholic Action have released their latest slice of cosmic gold, Yr Old Dad in preparation for their second album Celebrated by Strangers.

From the first three notes of Yr Old Dad, the boys from Catholic Action waste absolutely no time in sucking you into its woozy rhythmic hyperdrive of a beat.

The song starts off chugging along like an old locomotive never losing its beat, but definitely building speed. All the while, Catholic Action (Complete in old time Train Driver Garb and covered in glitter/soot) continue to sprinkle in a cacophonic array of textures and guitar licks that make you feel as though you’re about to go hurtling off the track, you wait for the inevitable crash, but it doesn’t come. Instead in a state of glee, you come to the realisation that everything is in fact under control, and Glasgow’s finest are at the helm, ready to stabilise it all with a gloriously glam rock guitar solo. It’s fantastic. Honestly, this song is just addictive, and it will grow like Japanese Knotweed into all of your brain holes.