Chappaqua Wrestling - Early

Ahead of a new EP set to drop in the Spring, Brighton-via-Manchester duo Jake Mac and Charlie Woods, aka Chappaqua Wrestling are back with their most confident, intricate release to date, Early.

“Early is the resurrection of a group of parts and a chorus written a while back,” explain the duo. “It’s something of a time traveller but has only recently been put together as a live song. The earliest notions of it date back to 2014 when we were in college, but the intro came as recently as a few weeks ago when we were in California.”

“It chronicles the early stages of a relationship and the late nights/early mornings that came with it, dipped in layered guitars and harmony riffs. It’s a helluva fun song to play, so we are hugely excited to release it.”

Layered with delicate guitar lines and dreamy harmonies, the track is a heavenly display of Chappaqua Wrestling’s blend of surf-rock and dream-pop; a luscious, atmospheric single made not only for coastal drives, but for bouncing singalong crowds too.

Early is an exciting step forward from the duo, creating intrigue into Spring’s coming EP.

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