Chappaqua Wrestling - The Rift

Brighton’s Chappaqua Wrestling continue to embrace change in both their songwriting and sound as they release new single The Rift; a heavier, grungier cut from a band well on the way to success.

The Rift sees Chappaqua Wrestling take from the turbulence of the past twelve months and acknowledge the divisiveness it has resulted in, making for a powerful release from a band well on their way to making waves amongst their peers.

Discussing the track, vocalist and guitarist Charlie Woods explains, “The Rift’ is a track about conflict, acknowledging the increasing divisions within society, and calling out those that turn the blind eye. Events from the last year have got to a global boiling point and creatively this has taken us to the same place. It’s the most powerful track we’ve released so far, and it amplifies our perception on how the last year or so has felt. Lyrically it’s influence comes from the poem written shortly after the Peterloo massacre in Manchester; ‘The Masque of Anarchy’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley. It’s an old talisman for suppressed voices in this country, and some of its verses still clearly resonate today.”