Charli Adams shares heartfelt new cut 'Cheer Captain'

Credit: Slater Goodson

Alongside the announcement of her debut album, 'Bullseye' – due 16th July via Color Study, rising indie-starlet Charli Adams has unveiled her heartfelt new single 'Cheer Captain'.

A somewhat bitter reflection upon her deeply conservative childhood in Alabama, 'Cheer Captain' puts Charli's evocative lyricism at the forefront of a tender, yet driven piece of songwriting which could easily place her amongst the same names who have influenced her; think Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift.

“‘Cheer Captain’ is a resentful and regretful song about struggling with a saviour complex as a serial people pleaser”, explains Charli “I desperately wanted to be everything for everyone so I became a customizable human being that often went against everything I actually am. It’s always felt like the thesis of this project as I touch on my relationship with religion, my parents, and men.I grew up in Alabama and I was captain of the cheerleading team in my freshman year of high school and a worship leader at a church. I think it’s safe to say I was struggling with my identity, in fact I really hated it all so a year later, I started school online and moved to Nashville for music”