Chay Snowdon - What The Kids Want

With palpable energy sprawling from the very first chord, Plymouth-based indie rock quartet Chay Snowdon are kicking things up a notch with their new single What The Kids Want. Quickly gaining traction with their admirable efforts to convey an important message in previous single Men Cry Too! the band’s new high-octane track once again showcases lead singer Chay Snowdon’s impressive storytelling talent against the tightest soundscape we’ve heard from the band yet.

From the anthemic guitar riffs and dense, relentless bass lines permeating throughout the track to the powerful drumming sections that provide a much-needed depth, What The Kids Want builds a sublime wall of sound for Snowdon’s thick vocals to bounce off. The eponymous lead singer sounds like he was born to sing at this kind of vigour, bringing his own unique power to the anthem whilst unveiling his clear influence from gritty American rock gods.

What The Kids Want is setting up Chay Snowdon as a new force to be reckoned with and with their debut EP Are You Sitting Comfortably? coming soon you better watch out for this electrifying new band.