CHERITON - Little Late Little Love

Continuing to showcase his knack for balanced, playful indie-pop, London based CHERITON follows up his exceptional debut Parallel with another appetite wetting slice of his forthcoming debut EP, Little Late Little Love.

“Its about bad timing, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time the end of a relationship and the messed up things people say and do to one another,” CHERITON explains.

“I think people when faced with inevitability of a break up, out of fear, can behave in very irrational ways. They become hurtful and are un-empathetic to each other. In this song I wanted to reflect on both sides of the story. I’ve experienced both sides and they aren’t fun. Sometimes I write songs for other people and sometimes I write them for myself, Little Late Little Love is definitely the latter.”

Little Late Little Love displays a more solemn side to CHERITON than his debut single Parallel. The twang of acoustic guitar laced amongst delicate synth lines and tender vocals result in a soothing track which proves Nick Harrison is capable of more than just addictive jangly pop.