Cheriton - So In Love

Today, rising London fave CHERITON follows up a string of adored single releases with a crooning new combo of indie-pop, surf-rock and psychedelia, So In Love.

The result is a soothing and brooding track for the heartbroken. Nick’s signature jangled guitar twangs throughout his crooning vocal work, continuing to prove his ability to shift his sound and songwriting in slick, effortless style.

“Set in two parts, it explores the initial pain of a break up, then revisits it later on,” Nick explains. “I wanted the passing of time to be a thought throughout so thats one of the reasons it’s in the 6/8 classic rock & roll style and has that metronomic rhythmic feel. It’s based on a few relationships in my life, my own/friends/families stories all smooshed together, I suppose they left lasting impressions in some way and I definitely think about them and draw on them whilst performing."