Children of the State - Big Sur

Sorry, this song will make you sad. You’ll want to be out there falling in love, catching a wave and eating ice cream on the pier – but Big Sur by Children of the State is the closest you’ll get, for now.

Children of the State call themselves peyote punk – ‘peyote’ being a south American cactus used to make a hallucinogenic drug. Big Sur has the wavy high-tide California sound of its namesake but indulges way more in hallucinogenic than punk. The twist comes lyrically, finding sarcasm, irony and a bitter-beautiful ode to the west coast night sky.

The Yorkshire four piece have previously worked with Nathan Saoudi of Fat White Family and Dean Honer of The Moonlandingz, and for Big Sur they’ve teamed up with The Coral’s Ian Skelly. But if they’ve taken any inspiration from those alt powerhouses, it’s in finding their own sound.

Name another fuzzy, modern doo-wop song that makes excellent use of an opening organ. Maybe then you could say that Big Sur isn’t one of the most innovative songs to come out of the recent alt scene. But until then, keep jamming to one of England’s brightest and most unique rising stars, and eagerly waiting for the rest of Children of the State’s already brilliant return.