Chloe Rodgers - The Algea

New on the scene this year, Chloe Rodgers is already making a considerable impression. Her newest release, ‘The Algea’ is simply a breath of fresh air.

‘The Algea’ is a calming, succinctly melodic masterpiece. The effects of listening to Chloe Rodgers is an immense sense of relaxation, her voice is like a flowing and un-ending stream. There are beautiful crescendos in both the accompaniment and in her stellar voice.

The structure is recognisably rhythmic, and the luminous atmosphere of ‘The Algea’ is clear. The track boasts delicate guitar, its fluttering rhythms a reflection of excitement rather than agitation, while ecstatic flourishes of violin only add to the euphoria.

Chloe Rodgers is perfectly set up for a dazzling 2021. Her unique take on earthy pop music is without a doubt worth a listen.