CIEL shift into glistening shoegaze on 'Never Alone Again'

Credit: Ryan Deag

Shying away from the moody brand of alt-pop we've become familiar with from Brighton's CIEL, the Brighton trio today return with an intimate new number 'Never Alone Again'.

It's a welcome introduction to a much more personal, tender side of CIEL. Blending elements of shoegaze and dream-pop with frontwoman Michelle Hindriks' enthralling, intricate vocals; 'Never Alone Again' not only offers a glimpse into the versatility of the trio – but makes for captivating, melancholic listening.

Sharing the inspiration behind the track, Hindriks states: “Sometimes I spend quite a long time crafting the lyrics for a certain song. This wasn’t the case for ‘Never Alone Again’. The lyrics were just there, like they appeared out of nowhere, but they were accurately reflecting my feelings at the time.

It’s quite scary to me to release this song into the world as the lyrics are very personal and intimate. I never really speak much about these feelings from the past to people around me - even close friends. But it’s the reason why this song feels really close and honest to me. It’s a part of my life’s story. I think it’s important to actually be able to speak about these subjects more openly in our society.”