Circe - Dancer

Dancer is the eerie new release from the London based contemporary and ominous pop-artist Circe.

The release has a dark and mysterious aura. It is not overly complicated, but beautifully curated. Circe’s voice rings like a ghostly church bell in the dead of night. Dancer is a cryptic way of storytelling, mystical and enigmatic.

“Dancer is a song that grew from a documentary I watched about The Source Family cult from California, examining a radical experiment in 1970’s utopian living.” she tells, lyrically adding an even more perplexing meaning to the track.

Circe is known to be deeply experimental for her lyricism and Dancer is no exception. Her innovative musical thinking is rare and unusual, and the backdrop to her voice is ghoulish, the synth almost reflecting the sound of macabre wind chimes.

The ingenious and contemporary artist has massive ability and potential, and is undoubtedly deserving of a listen.