Circe shares the ultimate summer soundtrack 'Going Down'

London’s very own Circe is back with new single ‘Going Down’, and it could just be the soundtrack to the summer.

Effortlessly infusing electro pop with more grunge fuelled elements, Circe’s angsty homage to femininity and queer liberation is a euphoric breath of fresh air. With vocals that are instantly memorable and an all together sound and image that are reminiscent of the Tumblr glory days of Grimes and Sky Ferreira, she takes on what is nostalgic for some in a way that is completely her own.

Drawing on her lapsed catholicism in a way that is refreshingly accessible and helplessly catchy, this track is a modern reflection on self exploration, and through weaving through so many genres in the process, Circe has created a tune that will not leave my brain for the foreseeable.