Clue Records Announce New Merger With Hatch Records

In an uncertain time for many in the music industry, there is some positivity to be found. Leeds based record label Clue Records have announced their merger with Hatch Records. Hatch Record artists such as The Wedding Present, Nine Black Alps, Then Thickens, Napoleon IIIrd will join the likes of YOWL, Crushed Beaks, Team Picture, Avalanche Party, Van Houten over at Clue Records.

Team Picture are the first band to bring out music on the ‘new’ Clue Records. Their album The Menace of Mechanical Music was released in early this year in June. The record received a lot of praise from Q Magazine, Loud & Quiet, The Line Of Best Fit while receiving airplay from BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music and Radio X. Watch the 360º video for single Handsome Machine below, an interactive exploration of a futuristic space station.

Tony from Hatch Records stated: “Running Hatch over the years has been a lot of fun and we’ve been fortunate to work with some great artists that we were really into. We’ve admired a lot of the Clue bands from afar so are well excited to start working with them all now.”

Following the news, Clue Records manager Scott Lewis chatted to us about the importance of independent labels and plans for the future.

How excited are you guys after merging with Hatch records?

In one word it’d be ‘proper’. In more words, it’s proper proper proper excited. We’ve been talking about it for a while now so it’s nice to be able to share something of a positive news story among a lot of difficult stuff going on.

How did this merger come about?

I started working for Tony’s other label Come Play With Me and after a bit of sussing each other out, then looking to release music by Team Picture as a joint venture on Clue and Hatch, Tony floated the idea of merging. From there, we just worked out what a merger actually meant, cooked it all up, seasoned and served!

With the music industry facing uncertain times, how important is the survival of record labels?

It’s vital that independent labels with artists at the centre of what they’re doing survive. Not all do but we try to build a real community in what we do, support other artists we don’t release with our monthly Amazing Radio show and curated playlists. Hopefully, we’re doing more than just releasing music, we want to be an active part of the good stuff happening in the community.

Which artists should we be looking out for on your label?

Van Houten have an EP coming out in November with the first track from it imminent so go check them out. And go listen to Team Picture’s debut album The Menace Of Mechanical Music as it’s a thing of majestic beauty. Their video for single Handsome Machine is an explorable 360º interactive piece of wonder so that’s a great place to start.

What does it mean for Clue to be selected for the ‘Independent Label Market’s’ mentor scheme?

It was a real honour; it feels like recognition that we’re doing good stuff and people think we can grow. Their mentorship offerings from industry professionals has been brilliant, as have the associations with Bandcamp’s fee waiver Friday.

What’s on the horizon for Clue Records?

A new signing (we can’t say much more, others involved, sorry!), a new Van Houten EP, a birthday cake with eight candles on it in November which may potentially be accompanied by a fan club type thing. That’s all quite vague but it will become clear in time!